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The Outdated Regional RPG Terminology

Have you ever noticed how you have to clarify what you mean when you say you like playing RPGs? Do you like Fallout or Shin Megami Tensei? Dragon Age or Final Fantasy? Mass Effect or Dragon Quest? The question always divides by nationalities. Western produced RPG games are given the name WRPG, and the Japanese produced ones are called JRPGs. Sometimes. Dark Souls, a series made by a Japanese developer, is not commonly seen as a JRPG. Meanwhile, some indie RPGs made in the west, like Cthulhu Saves the World, tend not to fall under the WRPG banner. If you're at all familiar with the debate, you may have some understanding of how these differences are made, but the reasoning only further shows why the labels are losing whatever meaning they had. Really, the terms of JRPG and WRPG are quickly becoming meaningless as the Japanese cast away established genre structure, and the west embraces more action focused mechanics. The JRPGs and WRPGs of today are absolutely nothing like they were…

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